Our Team

Build is dedicated to provide a place for artistic creation through the sense of community. Here are the members of our staff that keep our shop going.


Justin Bishop - Owner


Justin graduated from Texas Tech University in 2006 with a degree in Architecture and has long had a passion for woodworking.  In 2013, after completing one of countless projects made more difficult by the small space his one-car garage provided, he wondered if there was a place-a community-that has all the space and tools he could ever need. When he could find no place in the entirety of the Metroplex, he decided to create it. Justin's vision finally came to fruition with the opening of Build Workshop. A place where hobbyists, artisans, dabblers, weekend warriors and craftsman (and women) could come together for one common goal-to Build!


Ryan Yocham - Owner


Ryan has always enjoyed creating things.  Living in big cities made it difficult to find a space where he could work on his projects and keep all of his tools. After talking with Justin and many others, it became apparent they weren't the only people who felt this way.  From then on, they decided to open up a shop that would allow anyone to have access to a professional grade wood shop.  It's an awesome feeling to create something with your own hands. We hope you come experience it with us!